Environmental Street Furniture

Made in England

Street Tidy Litter Bin

Street Tidy is a solar powered outdoor stainless steel sectional litter bin. Integrating solar energy and smart sensors allows the infrared sensors to detect movement and illuminate the aperture lights when someone approaches in the hours of darkness.

Not only making it convenient for people, but also making the adverts or directions more striking as well. The solar panels store energy allowing just 7 hours of sunlight to provide energy for a full week. The lifetime of the solar panel is more than 20 years and there is space for four adverts around the bin which can be easily changed as required.

Stellar Smart Bench

The Stellar Bench is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging (under waterproof cover at each end) and utilises solar energy without the need for any electricity. The simple design of the bench allows solar energy to be collected and stored in the integrated controlled battery system and used as and when required. The stored energy also powers LED concealed lighting on the bench and can be utilised for WIFI and other reporting.

Solar power autonomy
Mobile device charging
Temperature controlled ventilated seating
Vandal resistant
Quality build materials
Easy install and mobility

13mm toughened laminate glass top
95 Ahr verta gel battery system with regulated 10A invertor
100Wp monocrystalline generating solar panel
4 x 1A/2A USB waterproof ports
Tropical hardwood timber end panels

Length 1680mm
Width 700mm
Height 452mm

Ambient LED lighting
Themed / branded ends
Signage / advertising
Data gathering
RAL colour options

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