Filter Fuel Separator

Made in Italy

The purpose of the fuel separator is to prevent fuel from passing through the municipal sewage system.

The presence of fuels in the soil and groundwater could pose a danger to public safety, so the EPA requires the installation of a separator in any institution that pumps contaminated wastewater into the alert drainage system.

According to the standard, EN-858-1 is designed to eliminate oil residum and mineral fuels from runoff water, washing water or other sourced water.
Suitable for installation at gas stations, lubricant stations, garages, car wash facilities, parking areas and more.

1. Separation zone: A purification area in which floating materials such as fuel, oil and foam are separated from the collain and accumulate on the surface while the heavy materials (stones, gravel, rubber and iron pieces) sink at the bottom of the tank.

2. Fuel accumulation area: Fuel is separated from the wastewater accumulating on the bottom.

3. Accumulation of heavy precipitation: Heavy precipitation is separated from the wastewater and sinks to the bottom.

4. Filter Filter: Micro bubble filter, located inside stainless steel mesh, can be retractable.
The filter is able to attach the small oil particles present in the wastewater to droplettes large enough to rise to the surface and separate from the rest of the wastewater.

5. The product is made from polyethylene.

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    Standards and certificates

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