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Made in Germany

Polymer concrete drainage channels for rainwater/liquids manufactured by ANRIN Germany, marketed in Israel exclusively by Menashe Baruch & Co. Ltd.

What’s polymer concrete?

A compound of sand aggregates, respiration and various additives, this substance is resistant to acids, oils, fuels, chemicals and more. Heat resistant and UV rays.

Polymer concrete canal sizes are available in a large variety of sizes, and can be combined with tangles from a variety of materials and all load levels.

Material Composition : Canal – Polymer Concrete

Nets – iron edict, galvaton iron, plastic and LBM.

  • OVAL GRIP Networks – a patent registered and exclusive in Europe with an accessibility standard
  • Patented for locking the nets – locking by a pavam spring built into the network without the need for screws.

Load resistant: Canals meet EN-1433 load levels

ANRIN polymer concrete canals are suitable for various load requirements, ranging from light A15 to heavy load at F900 airports

Uses for polymer concrete canals Many uses: gas stations, garages, industrial plants, food factories, kitchens, parking lots, canals and trenches for athletic fields, drainage of Dutch streets, closed parking lots, entrances to cellars, hotels, public concourses, heavy industry, airports and seas.

ANRIN has a unique line that is designed for sports fields and light athletics, containing polymer concrete drainage channels for sports fields.

Complementary ACCESSORIES FOR ANRIN drainage channels there are complementary items such as: end accessories with and without exit opening, receptors with garbage collection mesh, rating connector for switching between different height dimensions, and more

Slopes there is an internal slope, the canals can be obtained with an internal incline according to the required model.

Consulting our company provides technical guidance in planning and installing canals, training and detailed installation instructions.

Accompanying by a representative of the company from Germany (in large projects).

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