HIDROSTANK-Panels for control chambers

Control cell Covers-Menashe Baruch

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Control chambers for electricity, communication, water control cell and cover for control chambers

We import a variety of electrical control cells and plastic communication. These are polypropylene modular control booths and are designed for electricity and communication for networks: street lighting, urban and urban highways, low-high, telephone, fiber optic and more. We have an in-box plastic control compartment, which serves as control cells for electricity and communication, a plastic control cell for a photovoltaic field, a water-body control cell and a control cell cover.

Control booths for electricity/communication.
Reinforced steel Racks + metal frame
Modular Control Cabins Plolipropilan | Menashe-Baruch
Modular control cell from polypropylene-Menashe-Baruch