Menashe Baruch & Co. Ltd.
Infrastructure products-iron, concrete and plastics

Menashe Baruch & Co . Ltd. was founded in 1965, the factory is located in the A-Ramle industrial zone, on an area of 4,000 מ״ר.
The factory employs 40 employees. CEO of the company Yehezkel (Hezi) Baruch.
The factory manufactures in Israel and abroad a wide range of products for the infrastructure industry:
Cover for control chambers, sewage, drainage, communication and electricity.
Cover with concrete filling.
Plastic Lids SMC/FRP for municipalities and authorities as well as covering atoms To gas stations.
The factory has an array of quality control and certification to repair ת״י 9001-2008 ISO
The Israel Standards Institute.

The factory has certified Israeli standard 489, and European EN-124:
Certification of the permit character is 17169.
Certification of the permit character is 21340.
Certification of the permit character is 70413.
F900, E600, D400, C250, B125, A50

The factory has a production array:
The foundry Department of Iron-grey lids and Sprugali.
Cleaning Department for sharpening and painting.
Concrete Department for covering with concrete filling.
The company’s marketing and sales array extends all over the country.
By 3 Sales managers and marketing companies.

The company markets European control cells from polypropylene PP to electrical holes
And communications from HIDROSTANK Spain.
Also, the company has begun to market drainage ducts from the polyethylene PE-HD chains, from the MUFLE Italy notebook.
Among our clientsare: Bezeq, Israel Electric Corp., Mendelson-S. Bar, Ganzi infrastructures, Hasson, Readymix, Elco, Avivim Corporation, income-producing company, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Meet the company team

Yehezkel Baruch
Yehezkel BaruchCEO
Shiran Baruch Lieberman
Shiran Baruch LiebermanVP
Manny Baruch
Manny BaruchSales
Ron Levonsky
Ron Levonsky Sales
Anat Turkia
Anat TurkiaDirector of Marketing and Sales
Chaim Golan
Chaim Golan Sales
Eli Shechtman
Eli ShechtmanDirector of PP&C
Gil Agiv
Gil AgivFactory manager
Yogev Tsanani
Yogev TsananiDirector of the concrete department
Orly Levy
Orly LevyBookkeeper
Yael Haran Morushan
Yael Haran MorushanOffice and Import Manager
Meirav Mizrahi Dekel
Meirav Mizrahi DekelAccountant and Payroll Accountant
Shelly Roshes
Avi Saig
Avi SaigEngineering Department