Concrete Products
Control cells · Receptors · Pipes

Polymer concrete draining lip stone

Made in Italy

Plastic PP Canals
For power cables and communications

Made in Spain

Drainage ditches
Polymer concrete

Made in Turkey

Drainage channels made of polymer concrete

Made in Germany

Drainage ducts
Water conveying system HD-PE

Made in Italy

stainless steel drainage systems
Stainless steel pipes

Made in Denmark

Hives for seepage pits for drainage runoff

Made in Spain

Underfloor infrastructure solutions for feeding aircraft at airports

Made in France

Automatic fat separators
Grease Guardian

Made in England

Modular control compartments for railway infrastructure for heavy loads STAKKAbox

Made in England

Gas Valves

Made in Poland

Surface Boxes

Made in Germany

Wooden pillars for communication and electricity

Made in Finland

access covers

Made in Austria

Adjustable Lid
To release over-pressure
In drainage lines and sewage

Made in Germany

Green roofs

A variety of solutions for green roofs

Polyethylene pipe HD-PE
grooved to drain

Made in Italy

Fat separators and liquid storage tanks

Made in Italy

Menashe Baruch & Co., Ltd. manufactures according to the Public Accessibility Standard
Israeli Standard 1918

Prevent disabled wagon wheels from penetrating

Preventing penetration of baby stroller wheels

Preventing the penetration of bicycle wheels

Prevent consistent penetration in women and fall

Prevent pedestrians from skidding and falling

Preventing children’s safety from opening and falling

Our company is the first company in Israel to implement the child safety standard in customs and nets